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Name: Raylene
Decknamen: Alexis Fontaine, Alexis Fontayne, Alexis Fountaine
Beruf: Porn Star
Land: United States
Volkszugehörigkeit: Latin
Augen: Brown
Haare: Brown
Körpergröße: 170
Körpergewicht: 54
Titte: DFake
Schuhgröße: 7.5
Tattoos: Circular tattoo over tailbone; b
Piercing:: Tongue; navel
Titte: / Gewicht: / Hüfte:: 88 / 60 / 91
Extra: One of the prettiest women in late 90's hardcore, Raylene has wasted no time in establishing herself as a sexual force to be reckoned with. She is absolutely super-sexy. Raylene sports one of the hottest bodies in the business, an amazingly tight, full-breasted vision of pure sexual allure. Her well-honed figure is an eye-popping knockout, from her lean and long legs through her delectable backside to her ripe, bouncy boobs. And she's got one of the most strikingly gorgeous faces in the biz, too, with deep, dark eyes and a wide mouth that breaks into a killer smile. If she weren't working in porn, Raylene could easily find work as a fashion model in the Cindy Crawford mode. Hardcore fans are just thankful she chose this line of work.
1999 XRCO Award – Starlet of the Year
2001 AVN Award – Best Actress, Film – Artemesia (tied with Taylor Hayes)
2008 AVN Hall of Fame
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angezeigt 1–120 von 812
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